recess presents, works by Nunzio Madden, James Nguyen, Aaron Claringbold & Rebecca McCauley, Georgia Button, Grace Herbert, Liang Luscombe, Avni Dauti & Rebecca Vaughan, Paul Maheke, Martine Syms, Artists from Warmun Arts Centre,, ACE Open, Adelaide, Australia


Fabulina, Jimmy Nuttall, Longplay, Melbourne, Australia

Tomorrow with three stanzas, works by Lesley-Anne Cao (PH), Erin Crouch (AU), Rosalind Nashashibi (UK), Caitlin Cummane (AU), Nunzio Madden (AU), Gitte Villesen (DE), Hobiennale 2019, Cinema One, Hobart, Australia

Terminal Dogma, works by Spencer Lai (AU), Rox Lee (PH), Andrew Truong (AU), KINGS Artist-Run Black_Box, Melbourne, Australia

Family, works by Keren Cytter (US), Erin Crouch (AU) and Adelle Mills (AU), KINGS Artist-Run Black_Box, Melbourne, Australia


Scenes from 2016, Rowan Oliver, Second Space Projects (2SP), Melbourne, Australia

Selected films by Jet Leyco co-presented by recess & Artist Film Workshop at Arena Project Space, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia

Doing Feminism / Sharing the World Symposium, works by Beth Caird, Katherine Botten, Sheena Colquhoun, Hana Earles Victorian College of the Arts & Artspace, Melbourne, Australia

Scenes from 2016, Rowan Oliver, Outerspace ARI, Brisbane, Australia


***Crybaby Screening, Outerspace ARI, Brisbane, Australia

**Crybaby Screening, works by Nicholas Smith, Audrey Lam, Sheena Colquhoun, Jimmy Nuttall, Oscar Miller, Kate Meakin & Adelle Mills, Nina Gilbert, Caitlin Cummane, Angel Doberman & Madeleine Iona Luk√°cs Smith, Olivia Koh, Jake Atienza, Cinema 1, Hobiennale 2017, Hobart, Australia

Selected works by Caitlin Cummane and Kate Meakin, Green Papaya Art Projects, Manila, The Philippines

Selected works by Caitlin Cummane and Kate Meakin, University St. La Salle, Bacolod, The Philippines

IMG 3247

Flowers for Lucy by Oscar Miller, Screening at Outerspace ARI, Brisbane, Meanjin 2018
Image credit: Nina Gilbert