The buoy is stuck

Jack Brown

with text by Jake Swinson

30 June – 20 July 2018

Cariel Virial – III.

A simple toucan look, a Gemma Faulkner Baceletting, gold, in an exhale of alculous frown look over the top of silk bodice overlay, silk shoulder strap look over,
Powder box inlay decoration look-over,
A parlay over gold chest box under coconut tree lookover.
Leather Hacklerr cocked to the side with a draped feather,
Red hair, sitting a flouncy baby pattern
Xandeleer Orpheus’ undoing evening spray,
skinned sling back, a fraternal pack mark,
Event management sparkle sprays,
on side elbow, intent sealed in watered dirty weathered fluffy blue bag,
Oh Alaalana, she’s so fabulous, wearing her piece - her cell number measurement 292 108 2810mm cotton string tail look. A shitty start to the christening look,
Pathetic furry, cum meow at the moon kitty,
Aaalana, it was.

Aaalana was walking to work. She held out large pallets of food in trays for the needy down her long street which conveniently, led directly to The Grow. She was a nice lady cooking now and offering, as curls fall over her face on the front, smiling up at the sun etc. Offering food to all the people on silver disposable trays, walking down the wide street.

Nearing work now, she gets vamped up and sucks the meal from a walnut and just throws the shell on the ground. She runs into Danny, Velociter, Rilet and Drew down by the garbage cans.

The Swoop Alley they call it. She comes here every day, all done up, splits a SlobbySubbingBong with the boys because they work at the Vape Shop next door. The SlobbySubBong split, they call it.

The Swoop Alley they call it. She comes here every day, all done up, splits a SlobbySubbingBong with the boys because they work at the Vape Shop next door. The SlobbySubBong split, they call it.
She first saw Danny at a house party, two years ago, befre she even knew The Grow existed.
First it was the vape tricks in the kitchen,
Danny, his thin toned arms, clicking mouth sounds
Like an abacus instrumental communication,
Wary of his Bong Handle,
Sloppy, they all say to her:
She grabbed his bong handle at 4am that night,
Lead him to the guest bedroom and became an Astrid.
Back in the alleyway…………
“Fuck, girl, how’d you learn to move like that? I dunno what you was on but it - like a cycling bone, a - pelican invoked frog stomp.”
“I um, didn’t bone anybody Drew,”
“Yeah, I know, I ..oof I don’t know how to explain it.” Said Drew.
“Then don’t try, OK?”
“Aaalana,” announced Velociter, “You were great, I think that’s what Drew’s getting at.” He said. “I’ll vouch that you got totally scouted by an agent. I swear I saw one there!”
“Really?” Asked Aaalana, shocked and having some more vape. On hearing this, she allowed her hand fell to her side with a jerk, and the bangles slide down her thin wrists, collecting at a bone.
“Yeah he was wearing slim long leather pants and a white linen baggy shirt….a toothpick hanging from the side of his mouth and an iPad. He looked very air elemental profession, like the type to make it a profession to just roll in a shock you then roll out. A hidden chemical compound, maybe, under the feather - kind of guy.”
“Nobody said anything to me about that last night…”
“You’re tense today girl,” said Danny, “last time i saw you this tense, the growing pains presented1 then presented2 then presented3, you were emotional, kinda vibrant/dark, a jaundice Echinacea witch to something else girl, switch switchy”
“Danny shut up,” The wind picked up in the wide ally, a sloppy bobby in cautionary influence. A swarm of debris cycle down towards them. Aaalana identified 1085 different particles slamming into her pores through her dance training. She knew not one would PH19 into a blemish.
She couldn’t move, her thoughts about being possibly scouted last night were crippling.
What company?
What individual?
She walked into the back entrance of her work. Leaving the SlobbyBongBoys to themselves, jeering at a sly cat moving along the top of a garbage container. Bye boys…

Her manager Kelly, from The Grow, smiles at her as she enters and throws down the silver trays into the trash. The office was in its usual state, interlocked and almost held together by two key items; the sand hourglass and the scales. Both large and ornately carved, they flanked a grandiose wooden desk, behind which Kelly stood cross armed.

“Aaalana.” Said Kelley, her head kicking back with a wide grin, showing off her new bleach, showing off her glittered gums, her new invocation, a faux prayer tattooed down her brown neck, a cylindrical lady in 4 forms. She was 9 rows but each row card 108u chain reaction cutouts which made her. Aaalana’s dance training made her a similar compoundment, a vers girl, a nicely smiling feature sitting before her enthusiastic boss, Kelly. Particle 92. Her dance trainer and now boss.

“Come here, girl.” Said Kelley.
Aaalana walks over, hair swinging at her waist. Kelly inspects her fingers under the soft pink lamp at her desk, the tool is taken out and implemented, Kelly’s dance practice: this moment - the finger nubs tap and Aaalana over certain fingers, stay, wary at others,
The moonlight last evening took on a quality, that Kelley was mimicking now on her hands, before work.
Silk drapes across the window to new delights sparkle across their faces, it’s a dim, rose light.
The tabby cat made its way inside from the garbage container and pressed itself up against Aaalana as Kelley worked.
“And you slept and with the moonlight twinkle last night?”
With her wide green eyes, the whole world turned.
“No!” Kelly said, perplexed. First the BongyBoys, now her own boss? – “I didn’t screw anybody.”
“It’s ok, to take the delight of night, like earthly juice,
To mouth, to lips,
On times and vibrations where the body is balanced to frame,
Do drink it deep and let the pomegranate juice overfill your mout—”
“—Sorry, I can’t talk about this. Let’s talk about this: I got scouted last night – there was a man there, leather pants, linen shirt - the SlobbyBoys told me over this morning’s bong.”
With her palm in Kelley’s hand still, her fingers began to take a julienning cutting quality, cutting, Janetorial, quietly, tapping over joints with her, willowy frame edging her fingers over and over, with fake tan particles creating a shimmer on the dorsal of Aaalana’s hand.
“Well scouted or not, you’ve got a shift to do.” Said Kelley.
And Kelley wrapped up the tapping session and pointed to the nearby door.

Aaalana sucks her head as she gets to her assigned machine, B6, and the technology emulates a cave , her thumbs knew the space so well. Taking the shape of technology over her like a party floor spotted baggy, her training takes over, her beguiled colleagues are in shock at how she turns the machine over.

Kelley looked on wisely from the grandiose desk, into the little room where the girls worked. She scanned over all of them but let her eyes linger on Aaalana for a little longer. There were tomato stains from handing out lasagna to the needy, on her hands still. That girl’s got it, alright. Kelley would never openly admit this to Aaalana…

To be continued.