Caitlin Cummane

text by Georgia Robenstone

15 October - 5 November 2016

Dear Caitlin,

Here are some notes I made about your emails and your work and me and

my work and us.

Tabbed browsing while i wait for the cabbage to ferment

I had a picture of the water as my screensaver for ages

Choppy lack lustre sloppily looping

Here’s a photo of the moon in Cincinnati

My practice has become all

vegetables and bubbling jars

Dirt under my fingernails and a

desperate will to make things grow

No art, just the cycle of life

It’s not going very well but I keep trying

I still think of that thing you said

On a Wednesday morning about someone else’s art

I can’t remember the words at all but I remember

the exact degree to which it was poetic

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