Brighid Fitzgerald

with text by Chi Tran

7 - 26 October 2018

On learning a form of devotion


There is a desire to know your own history, to make mass flatter and less obstructive. I push myself to enact, emplace, configure—as a means of finding some kind of ‘lastingness.’

From where neck curves into shoulder, my body enters a mode of speculation. And from this, I hope to find a paradisiac way of building dimension, with the freedom to move and where nothing ever happens.

There is a certain kind of catharsis that comes from the collapse of a structure, perhaps within the learning that we may continue to live without it. So while I have a tendency to mark all my intentions, I also understand to have the space to chew and uproot is best

—charging through movement, with the function of allowing a course of change to take place out of sight.

I consider the idea of pouring water onto set concrete, as a lesson in keeping the same person.

I sense a thing as a shape that matters, which is to say I suffuse it, by my own experience, with utility. Attention is a form of prayer, and there is no place like home, like a body holding water.

There is a process through which we glean direction spontaneously, in relating to another. If we dissect a diagram of two or more people, we may begin to see how a relationship becomes information.

We may brush up against the edges of decision and shape an opening that is conducive to flourishing. It is difficult to refuse a distance between touching and feeling, as we know the sky to be a hyper-object, and identity too.

with thanks to Arben Dzika