Caitlin Cummane at the 2019 Hobbienale
Installation: Nina Gilbert
Image Credit: Tess Campbell

recess is an online platform showcasing contemporary moving image works. A ‘recess’ implies/defines a suspension of time or a break in formal proceedings. It is also an indented space created by natural or human building, a space connected to but apart from the rest. This indent in time or space defines an approach to exhibiting contemporary moving image works, drafts and creative texts. promotes and facilitates new modes of artistic production, output and accessibility of current video and film works in Australia and overseas.

All Images and Video courtesy the artists ©

organised by Olivia Koh (2016- 2022)
previous organisers: Kate Meakin (2017–2020), Nina Gilbert (2018-2020)



The Adelaide Review, 2020

Artlink, 2020

MeMO, 2018